About Sojurn

What is Sojurn?

Sojurn is the first and only cloud-based software which provides leasing professionals with the ability to effortlessly offer fully furnished apartments, while at the same time providing their renters with a one-stop solution. Our Mission is to provide the most seamless furnished leasing solution in the industry.

Empowering  Residential-Community  Leasing Teams

Our web portal has the brains and flexibility to give Leasing Professionals and Property Managers full control of furnished rentals for their communities.

Automated & Fully Customizable Furnished Packages

Our furniture packages are each specifically designed to cater to any resident’s style preference, apartment size and budget. At the same time Sojurn helps to alleviate the headache and time involved in having way too many options to choose from. Wait, it gets better…. our system automatically generates all furnished pricing so there is no number crunching and residents can simply build out their furnished apartment by adding on housewares, cable and internet as requested. No hand holding or extra workload here.

Turn-Key Service

Is your resident ready to lease their furnished apartment? Don’t worry, we’ll take it from here! No vendor scheduling, confirmation emails or additional To-Dos. We’ll send you one invoice for all services, and in return, you can sit back and watch an additional profit margin roll in monthly for each reservation.

How does Sojurn work?


Tell us about your Prospective Resident

Have a renter looking for a furnished apartment?  Simply log into your Sojurn Dashboard and complete the “details” page.


Customize Apartment Furnishings

Let your resident build their furnished apartment on their own time and schedule, or you can assist them using our extremely user-friendly Furnished Apartment Builder. Just follow a few simple steps, or have them complete on their own and submit their quote back to you.


Export Your Reservation

Finalize all leasing paperwork as normal and just attach your furnished addendum to the resident lease (don’t worry, we will automatically remind you so you don’t forget!)


Enter Lease in Sojurn Portal

Once you receive a signed lease back from your resident, submit the reservation through Sojurn’s portal. It can’t be that easy you say? We promise, it is!

Everyone Benefits from the Sojurn Solution

• One simple monthly payment for all items rented
• Control over location, apartment & furnishings
• Major cost savings
• Total customization to pick the perfect package for your budget and needs
• No additional background or credit check when renting an apartment through our partnered communities
• We alleviate the need to schedule set ups/pick ups/installation dates, etc. We handle everything for you.
• Increased control while limiting risk and workload for leasing teams
• Increased occupancy & revenue
• New, exciting marketing opportunities
• Completely free revenue building tool